First Commercial Company Leverages DAF-MIT Maneuver ID Challenge to Advance AI

  • Published
  • By DAF AI Accelerator Public Affairs
  • Department of the Air Force AI Accelerator

The Department of the Air Force-MIT Artificial Intelligence Accelerator (AIA) is pleased to announce that Crowdbotics, a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) company, is the first company to successfully leverage the Maneuver Identification Challenge to advance the field of AI.  AI challenges are critical for advancing AI into new areas. The DAF-MIT AIA Maneuver ID Challenge is an open challenge designed to enable AI coaching and automatic maneuver grading in pilot training. 

The challenge utilized a recently released dataset of U.S. Air Force pilots and trainees using virtual reality flight simulators at Air Education and Training Command’s Pilot Training Next (PTN). The USAF collaborated with MIT to create an open competition for artificial intelligence solutions that can automatically recognize, label, and grade maneuvers, with a goal of accelerating pilot production using AI techniques.

The Maneuver ID Challenge is one of eight current AIA challenges designed to engage academia, industry, and the public on solving problems with and advancing the art of Artificial Intelligence through Machine Learning. These open competitions are organized around a publicly released data set and are meant to stimulate world-wide collaboration. To learn more about or participate in an AIA Challenge, please click here.