Trustworthy AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is showing enormous promise in research and low-risk commercial settings. However, current AI models are often brittle, opaque, and fail to live up to performance expectations once deployed in the real world, where conditions are dynamic and uncertain. Achieving Trustworthy AI—AI that is safe & secure, accountable, fair & privacy-preserving, explainable and robust/reliable—is critical to fully leveraging AI in settings with strict reliability, safety, legal, and ethical requirements.

Published Research

To learn more about Earth Intelligence Engine research and other AI Accelerator projects, view our published research here.

Are you up for a Challenge?

Modern deep learning approaches show promising results in meteorological applications like precipitation nowcasting, synthetic radar generation, front detection, and several others. The DAF-MIT AI Accelerator is working to rapidly develop new approaches to these challenges. The AIA is seeking collaborators from across the globe to leverage a curated, "machine learning ready" dataset. Learn more about the challenge here.