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Phantom Program

Phantom Program: 
The Phantom Program is an immersive fellowship that provides opportunities to learn from the brightest minds in artificial intelligence. The program is highly selective. Personnel accepted to the AI Accelerator are referred to as “Phantoms” and will work alongside the top AI researchers in the world, as well as other Airmen and Guardians who guide specific AI projects. Phantoms will provide their subject matter expertise to various projects and generate new processes for transitioning AI from research to operational use. Over the 5-month period, the AIA will provide Phantoms with exposure to cutting-edge AI research, real-world implementation, tailored AI training and a one-of-a-kind career-broadening experience. Selectees will be in TDY status (telework) for the duration of the program and will be expected to use a personal computer/laptop throughout the duration of the program. The AIA will fund one of the selectees’ 1-week TDY and the loaning unit will be responsible for funding up to 2 additional 1-week TDYs (case by case exceptions can be made) to MIT Beaver Works, Cambridge, Mass.

Phantom Program Description

- Rank/Grade: (Officers) between O-1 & O-4; (Enlisted) between E-3 & E-7; and their civilian equivalents
- PA applicants only: (Officers) between O-2 & O-4; (Enlisted) between E-5 & E-7; and civilians GS-1035-9 through -13
- Air Force or Space Force personnel
- History of strong performance
- Ability to self-direct and excel in an unstructured environment
- Enthusiasm for digital transformation
- Remote/Telework Equipment (personal laptop recommended)

Digital University: Phantom Learning Pathway

Digital University: Phantom Learning Pathway
The Phantom Learning Pathway is our custom curated Massive Online Open Course (MOOC) tailored specifically to arm Airmen and Guardians with the knowledge necessary to become A.I. change agents and force multipliers. It centers upon how Artificial Intelligence and its associated disciplines relate to everyday problems. Students will gain an introductory level into many of the tools utilized by subject matter experts, including Data Science tools used to build insightful models. Finally, students cover unique business case applications. Students will learn how to structure business questions with different machine learning teams and focus on various models and what specific business questions certain models can help answer and what opportunities they may uncover.
This Force Multiplier is a HIGHLY ENCOURAGED for non-technical applicants in applying for the highly competitive fellowship. It consists of 30 hours of interactive training broken into three major sections: Artificial Intelligence, Programming Languages, and Business Cases.

Click here to begin the learning path!